2021-10-20 15:47Press release

Nord-Lock Group invests heavily - third major expansion inauguration in 7 months.

Nord-Lock production site, MattmarNord-Lock production site, Mattmar

Nord-Lock Group has inaugurated the core of its business, Nord-Lock's production facility in Mattmar, Sweden, where everything started almost 40 years ago. The inauguration is the third in 2021, a result of the Group's focus on expansion to meet increasing demand.
In 2019, the first sod was laid for the Group's most extensive expansion project ever, by upgrading and expanding the three largest production units in the business, the foundation is created for more future-proof production and development for the company.
In February, the Group's CEO Fredrik Meuller inaugurated Expander's operations in Åtvidaberg, Sweden, with a doubled production area to meet market demand for, among other things, pivot pins.
Less than two weeks ago, the Group's brand-new unit was inaugurated in Pittsburgh, USA, which will be the base for the company's Superbolt production and US sales offices.
The expansion of Nord-Lock's operations in Mattmar, Sweden, is inaugurated together with Governor Marita Ljung, Investment AB Latour's CEO Johan Hjertonsson and the Group's CEO Fredrik Meuller. The facility is the heart of Nord-Lock Group and has now a significantly larger production area and a new office building.
“We are seeing a sharp increase in demand for our solutions from customers all over the world, and to ensure future needs, we have expanded our three largest units during the pandemic and invested in state-of-the-art equipment. Today we are very happy and proud to be able to inaugurate our expanded business right here in Mattmar. The new facility ensures long-term production capacity and provides us with a good basis for continued focus on innovation and development of world-leading bolting solutions. The focus for the expansion has been to create sustainable production and create a better working environment for our employees,” says Fredrik Meuller, President and CEO of Nord-Lock Group.

Construction started in 2019 and completed in 2021:

Mattmar, Sweden


Pittsburgh, USA

Åtvidaberg, Sweden

Production Area
2019: approx. 4400 m2

2021: approx. 7000 m2

Production Area
2019: approx. 7900 m2
2021: approx. 10200 m2


Production Area

2019: approx. 950 m2

2021: approx. 2850 m2

Office Area

2019: approx. 900 m2

2021: approx. 1700 m2

Office Area

2019: approx. 460 m2

2021: approx. 1400 m2

Office Area

2019: approx. 600 m2

2021: approx. 700 m2


Total Area

2019: approx. 5300 m2

2021: approx. 8700 m2

Total Area

2019: approx. 8360 m2

2021: approx.11600 m2

Total Area

2019: approx.1550 m2

2021: approx. 3550 m2



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The Nord-Lock Group believes that no one should have to question the integrity of the mechanical systems that play such a critical role in our way of life. As a global leader in bolting solutions, we strengthen public and industrial infrastructures with high-quality, safe and innovative solutions that will change the face of modern living for decades to come.