2024-05-14 08:25Press release

Nord-Lock updates its standard product range with the Combi Nut in response to growing industry demand

Nord-Lock® Combi NutsNord-Lock® Combi Nuts

As a direct response to manufacturers’ growing demand for solutions contributing to more efficient operations, Nord-Lock is introducing the combi nut, with sizes ranging between M6 to M16, as part of the standard product range. The Nord-Lock® Combi Nut features a pair of captivated Nord-Lock original washers, meaning it combines parts previously assembled separately as one integrated product.

The purpose and proven benefits of the combi nut are to enable easier and faster assembly in a range of industrial applications. That is primarily due to the upsides of not having to handle multiple loose parts in production, which could lead to incorrect assembly or accidentally dropping parts, both of which are virtually eliminated by the design of the Nord-Lock Combi Nut.

The benefits of combi nuts are applicable and useful for a range of industries. Where the benefits are most useful are manufacturers in serial assembly, who can expect productivity gains with a reduced number of loose parts being used in repetitive and time-sensitive assembly. Also, for applications where access and assembly are difficult, the combi nut has the potential to streamline operations significantly.

“At Nord-Lock, we first and foremost think of ourselves as a partner in bolting solutions, which means paying close attention to the challenges of specific customers and industries as a whole. Updating our standard product range with the combi nut speaks very clearly of such an organizational mentality and our capability to respond swiftly to customer needs,” says Graham Souter, Vice President, Head of Business Unit Nord-Lock.

Nord-Lock has a long tradition of bringing bolting solutions to the market, targeting, and solving real-life challenges. The fact that the Nord-Lock Combi Nuts have become part of our standard product range, following requests from key industries, speaks of a strong attentiveness and mindset of constantly looking for ways to support customers.

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Emma Brandgård
Brand and Communications Director Nord-Lock Group
Emma Brandgård