2024-05-28 14:45Press release

Nord-Lock® washers achieve upgraded NETIS certification in Japan

In Japan, when private construction operators are looking for trustworthy technologies to use in their bidding process to acquire new projects, they oftentimes turn to the NETIS Certification (New Technology Information System). Administrated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), the NETIS database lists technologies that have been quality-tested and thoroughly evaluated. 

The benefits of using NETIS-certified technologies are two-fold: the improved technical evaluations in the bidding process and, of course, once constructors’ projects are up and running, they can look forward to better chances of improving the productivity of their operations.  

The best of the best: Nord-Lock washers  

For manufacturers of construction technologies and equipment, successful application and registration of products in the NETIS database is one of the most effective measures to reassure private constructors of a product’s quality and reliability. Once in the database, if a solution gets adopted on a broad scale and evaluated highly for its performance, it stands the chance of being promoted to Technology for Promotion of Utilization. 

And that’s the case with the Nord-Lock washers.  The Nord-Lock washers made their entry into the NETIS database already in 2019. Since then, they have been a widely adopted and highly appreciated bolting solution in private construction sectors. So, as of September 2023, Nord-Lock washers have indeed become certified as “Technology for Promotion of Utilization” (TPU). 


An unrivalled position in the NETIS-database  

Of all the bolting solutions registered in the NETIS database, the Nord-Lock washer is the only one that has gotten the upgraded certification status, which gives Nord-Lock a clear competitive advantage in Japan when the upsides are there for everyone to see in the NETIS database.

Because the NETIS database is exclusively for new products, registrations are valid for ten years. So, although the upgraded status (TPU) is a significant achievement, Nord-Lock washers are the only bolting technology that’s NETIS certified as of April 1, 2024, due to competitors' NETIS registration having expired.  

In Japan, a CRM system campaign has been initiated to automatically remind customers of NETIS products expiring. But it also reminds customers that if they want to use the benefits that come with NETIS registered bolting technology in their bidding processes and projects, they should go with Nord-Lock. Already, this has resulted in an increased adoption of Nord-Lock in large projects. 

Joins the CE-marking as a recent major regional achievement 

That the Nord-Lock washers now are certified as a TPU product in the NETIS database is a huge achievement for Nord-Lock. From now on, the advantages of choosing Nord-Lock washers become even more obvious. There are some parallels to be drawn with the recent obtainment of CE marking in Europe, and the competitive advantages that it is set to bring in Europe. 

About Nord-Lock Group

The Nord-Lock Group believes that no one should have to question the integrity of the mechanical systems that play such a critical role in our way of life. As a global leader in bolting solutions, we strengthen public and industrial infrastructures with high-quality, safe and innovative solutions that will change the face of modern living for decades to come.


Emma Brandgård
Brand and Communications Director Nord-Lock Group
Emma Brandgård