2019-08-19 09:51Press release


The all new TSR+ auto return tensioner range has been designed to ensure fast, simple, safe and reliable operation.

The TSR+ tensioner has an auto retraction time that is almost four times faster than the existing TSR tensioner. To ensure interchangeability and ease of customer upgrades to the new range, TSR+ load cells have exactly the same overall dimensions and hydraulic specifications as the existing TSR load cells. 

Aside from speed and compatibility, there are several other features that set TSR+ apart from other tensioners and brings anticipation of high demand in offshore industries, such as oil & gas. 

  • Durability has been tested to over 10 000 full pressure / full stroke cycles.
  • Long life seals have demonstrated great performance lasting 10 000 cycles on specific tool sizes.
  • Relief valve as a safety mechanism to prevent accidental overstroke of the tool.
  • TSR+ load cells have Boltight’s trademark surface finish, providing reassuring protection against the harshest elements.

About Nord-Lock Group

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Cecilia Böhm
Communications Director
Cecilia Böhm